Karra is a personal host and creator of special Karst experiences. It unveils Karst in exciting detective games for adults. Gather a group of 2-5 friends (co-workers, family members) and play your first escape room at Karst (Kosovel’s enigma), the only escape room that takes place in a Karst common (Escape from gmajna), an exciting treasure hunt in the mysterious Tomaj (Viktorijina skrivnost) or an exciting treasure hunt in the magical Štanjel (Black cat in Štanjel). Discover Karst with Karra!


Tomaj 105, 6221 Dutovlje
+386 41 706 036 +386 41 635 106


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  • water and energy conservation
  • waste separation
  • use of environmentally-friendly soaps and detergents
  • use of eco-friendly paper
  • energy-efficient heating
  • energy-efficient light bulbs
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