Tourist farm Na hribu

In the village of Prvačina, near the old village center, stands the farm "Na hribu". Past the lake, through the dense shadows of tall trees, the paths lead through vast vineyards and orchards to the Trnovski gozd in the north, the Soča valley in the west and the Karst in the south. The Vipava River and Lake Vogršček offer pleasant cooling on hot summer days. The winter trip will fill your lungs with fresh, purified air.

Ozana and Alan Leban

IMG_3357The couple Leban also decided to open the doors of their farm to everyone who will choose the Slovenian countryside for their vacation. The experience of the Open Villages is complemented by the offer of tourist riding and an organic farm. They are happy to be part of this story and support the networking of the local community.

Fourteen years ago, Alan decided not to look for opportunities in the job market, but to revive the farm of his grandparents, grandma Milka and grandma Angela. He and his wife Ozana, known to the locals as the veterinarian Ozi, first offered to ride purebred quarter horses, and soon everything else followed.

The guest discovers a self-sufficient livestock farm, gets to know domestic animals, from pigs to cows, with the emphasis is on horse breeding. Here you can enjoy unforgettable riding moments. Alan and Ozi teach the guests about the rules of free riding in a short riding school and accompany them on a horseback riding trip along the surrounding equestrian trails. They also process meat products, excellent "šalami", dry sausages, prosciutto, bacon and homemade wine. In recent years, they have also produced several types of cereals, among which the high-protein kamut flour is especially valued. Visitors can see the grinding process in the organic mill and, in addition to other products, also buy flour for themselves.

Their life in the village is beautiful, says Alan, as the Vipava Valley bathes in the sun almost every day. Ozi has a veterinary clinic for small and large animals in Prvačina. Alan says that together with their children, Enej, Tija, Ruj and Kal, they can present their lifestyle to the guests - what their family loves, the visitor can also try. Of course, they want to dedicate themselves to the guests, so it is preferred that they announce themselves a few days in advance.


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